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From the words you use to the images that represent your company online, you need your website to be easily found, grab the visitor’s attention quickly and have them concluding their search with your site. You will accomplish it all with professional and strategic Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) from Website Word Doctor in Vancouver. Contact us for a free SEO and copywriting evaluation from anywhere around the globe.

Make Your Website Easier to Find with Strategic SEO
Vancouver / Surrey Area Content Copywriter & SEO Strategist
Captivating and easy to find Vancouver websites. Website Word Doctor offers copywriting, SEO, blogs and more.
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, make websites easy to find. Website Word Doctor, Vancouver: world wide website content writing, video, blogs and photography.

Spare yourself the stress. Professionally executed and experienced in all areas of online media, Website Word Doctor has the cure. Located in the Surrey, BC and serving the entire Vancouver area, we offer all the copywriting, content and SEO strategies you need:

- Website Copywriting Reviews (Free)

- Client Directed Words ('You' Phrases)

- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

- Edit & Rewrite Existing Website Copy

- Creating All-New Website Copy

- Social Media Writing and Posting

- Blog Writing and Posting

- Staff Biographies

- Newsletters

- Photography

- Videography

- And More

Save yourself the time and aggravation of trying to create all your own content, Contact Website Word Doctor and let us know what you need. Or take advantage of our complimentary Copy Writing and SEO Reviews

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Free Website Copywriting Reviews
Free Website Copywriting Reviews

You're an expert in your profession and your intentions are good, but you're not a copywriter (your administrative assistant, warehouse manager, spouse or second cousin probably aren't either). The errors that you've overlooked may be costing you money. One of the easiest ways to improve your website's performance is to make sure that the copy is free of spelling errors, bad grammar, run-on sentences, etc. Contact Website Word Doctor for a complimentary website copy and SEO review and improve your company's online performance now.

Client-Centred Writing
Creating 'You' Phrases
Increase website ROI and internet sales with Search Engine Optimization – SEO – from Website Word Doctor

Is there anything more boring than a website that reads like a grocery list? While it's tempting to state everything your business does - and there's a place for that - your website needs to speak directly to the visitor. This is achieved by using 'you' phrases.


For example, if you were a decorating company, instead of saying "We offer painting, wallpapering, tiling and design services of every kind." (Ugh... every decorating company does that!) Try saying "When it comes to the finishing touches – your interior's design, the space where you live, rest, entertain and grow as a family – you want nothing less than perfection. Find your perfect place with ABC Decorating." (Doesn't that sound more appealing?)


Are you less than confident with your ability to write 'You' copy that resonates with readers? Reach out to Website Word Doctor. For a small fee we'll rewrite your existing web text or, for just a little more, we'll craft brand-new words for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

Although it's not the end-all and be-all of website design (yet), if you haven't already heard of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), you're going to be hearing a lot more about it soon. It's what helps the search engines find your website. Existing businesses that had the early foresight to implement it are now leading online in their chosen industries. If you want to remain competitive, it's important to remember that most new clients won't be searching for your business online by your URL. They'll type in words that are relevant to them. For example, if they're looking to redo their kitchen, they might type "interior decorators in northern Canada". If you're website is promoting an interior design service in Nunavut, good SEO will include these and similar 'key words'. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Quality Search Engine Optimisation that helps a website rank high on the search results pages may include:


- Key Words

- Evolving Content

- External and Internal Links

- Video

- Photography

- Blogs

- And Much, MUCH More!


SEO is the future for websites and the future is now. Companies that don't adopt these strategies into their websites will soon be surpassed by those that do. Want to learn more? Visit the Website Word Doctor 'What is SEO?' page. Or you can Contact us directly for a complimentary site analysis.

Is Your Website

SEO Ready?

Editing/Rewriting Existing Website Copy
Editing and Rewriting Existing Website Copy
rewriting, editing, copy, copywriting, Langley, Vancouver, Surrey, Website Word Doctor, World, SEO, Search Engine Optimization

You already have a website. You've spent a lot of time and money on it. All the important information is there. You've agonized over the words, but... It just doesn't resonate with the visitors. It's not generating good leads or a respectable return on your investment. It probably just needs a little tweaking.


Editing or rewriting the existing copy is one of the easiest and affordable ways to get your website to perform better. Contact Website Word Doctor and discover how effective a simple website edit job or rewrite can be.

Creating All-New Website Copy
Creating All-New Website Copy

If you're having a new website designed or rebuilding an existing one, it's best to not overlook the importance of well-written copy. What you say and how you say it on your website is a reflection of your business. Is the information clear and easy to understand? Does it relate to your visitors? Is the copy grammatically correct and free of spelling errors? These are just a few things to consider when writing the copy for your website. While it may be tempting to save a few dollars by writing the copy yourself, passing it off to an employee or leaving it to the website designer to do, the money you save now could cost more later. It's always best to have a specialist attend to your needs. (Would you ask your hairdresser repair your car?)


You might be surprised by how affordable (and cost-effective) it is to have a professional copywriter craft new words for your website. Contact Website Word Doctor, we'll review your needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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Social Media Writing and Posting
Social Media Writing and Posting

Surely you've been told how important it is to have social media postings for your business. You got a Facebook page, a Twitter account and Instagram. You posted your newest product or latest sale and then waited... and waited... AND WAITED! Nothing. So, now what? And what are those #s about?


Social media, like SEO, is the future of business. In fact, social media is an extension of SEO. If your website is linked to 2 or 3 'active' social media accounts (note the emphasis on 'active'), the search engines recognize your website as being more credible. The most important thing to understand about social media is that it's a place for 'social' gatherings. Your postings need to be relevant and engaging. Occasionally mentioning a sale or special offer is fine, but hardly buzz-worthy. Social media is your company's opportunity to share some 'added value' and show the world how great you are (i.e. share something #sociallyrelevant or give #freebusinessadvice).


Similar to SEO, social media can be a tricky place to navigate (at least until you learn it). To learn more about social media, visit the Website Word Doctor 'What is SEO?' page, or call the Doctor and have us treat your social media affliction for you.

Social media for business, social media writers in Surrey, social media specialists in Vancouver, Langley, Abbotsford
Blog Writing and Posting
Blog Writing and Posting

One of the best ways to keep your customers engaged and earn SEO points (i.e. help your site rate higher on the results pages) is to have a regular blog posting. It's a great place to share success stories and inspirations, while also generating new sales with your already existing customers.

A good blog doesn't have to be posted often, just regularly - maybe weekly or monthly, but no less than seasonally. However, like your social media postings, a blog requires skill and maintenance. Free yourself from another obligation, put Website Word Doctor to work and start earning the benefits of a regularly posted blog right away.

Blog, blog writing, blogging, blog writers in Surrey BC, hire a Vancouver area blog writer, Cloverdale
Staff Biographies
Staff Biographies

One of the quickest ways to make your site literally more user-friendly (and to score added SEO points) is to include staff biographies. These don't need to be a long, elaborate ramblings; a few short sentences will do. A common weakness of many businesses - even big corporations - is unnecessarily failing to demonstrate a personable side, when it's so easily achieved with a few staff bios.


Of course, writing about yourself can be intimidating and it's probably not something you want to burden your staff with, either. That's okay... the Doctor has a pill for that! Make an appointment with Website Word Doctor and we'll provide each staff member with an easy-to-answer questionnaire and have your bios posted quickly and professionally for you. We also provide complimentary photos for Greater Vancouver Area businesses. (Small fee add for businesses outside of the GVA)


If you've been diligently collecting your client's information, you should have a huge list of email addresses. By giving you their email addresses (legally, of course), your already-existing clients are inviting you to stay connected with them. One of the best ways to stay in touch is by sending your established customers emailed newsletters. A newsletter is similar to a blog, but instead of offering success stories and ideas, it's a great way to keep your clients informed of your company's new products, services and sales. (And, by-the-way, it's also a great way to encourage them to follow you on your social media outlets!)


If writing newsletters isn't your thing, we've got you covered. Let the Doctor know what you need; we can set you up with a weekly, monthly or seasonal newsletter program.

Newsletter, newsletter writers surrey, how do I keep existing customers, how do I write a newsletter

In case it isn't clear yet, SEO is a necessary element to having your website rate high on the search engine results pages. Another great way to achieve that - and create visual interest for your visitors - is to include photos of your business. While stock images are a suitable option for some business, they're expensive and lack the sincerity of images captured from your work environment.


You can provide your own photos, or you can step things up, call us and have Website Word Doctor shoot your company photos for a small fee.

Photo, photographer, photography, professional website photographers in Surrey, how do I shoot photos for my website

Search engines love video! Whether it's a simple talking-head or an elaborate corporate presentation, the inclusion of video on your website is a great way to boost your SEO


Is video production outside of your skill-set? Our professional writing, shooting and editing services can be adapted to suit almost any budget. Contact Website Word Doctor and have your video produced for as little as $200.

Video production, video producers in surrey, how do I add a video to my website, Vancouver
Additional Services
Newsletters, blogs, business plans, press releases, brochures, proposals, specialty writing services in Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, Abbotsford
Additional Services

Although we offer numerous high-quality services, the Doctor's specialty is writing. In addition to what we've already mentioned, some other possible writing scenarios include:


- Press Releases

- Business Cards

- Business Plans

- Proposals

- Brochures

- And More


The Sky really is the Limit! Give the Doctor a call and let us know what you have in mind. And don't forget to take advantage of the Website Word Doctor free copywriting review and SEO analysis services.


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