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What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It's your businesses' best friend, worst enemy and crucial to any growing company. In short: It's literally everything on your website. The real question is: Is everything on your website optimised to help it be found easily by the search engines and earn a high rating on the search results pages?

A Simplified Description of SEO

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Sort Of

Simplifying SEO isn't easy, but it's kind of like this: The most accurate search engines (i.e. Google and Bing) use algorithms to relentlessly scour the entire internet for every possible kind of data. They do this constantly - they're doing it now. Every site - including yours - is repeatedly visited. The engines are aware of literally everything; every page, paragraph and word. 


Therefore, when the engines are accessed for a search, the algorithms go to their data files, immediately find every predetermined site containing the keywords that were used and instantly provide the results in the most relevant order on the search results pages. 


The common criteria relating to a business search is 'product/service', 'town' and 'province' (i.e. 'romantic adventures central BC'). In this case, if you're business has a website that promotes black-tie and champagne skydiving opportunities in Vanderhoof, BC, your well-crafted SEO will include these and similar 'keywords'. But that's just the cork in the bottle of bubbly. Getting your website to rank high on the search results pages is a-whole-can-of-worms that requires more than just strategically placed words.


Please follow along as we share the finer details of SEO, or, if you recognise the importance, but would rather be focusing on the part of your business that you know and love the most (i.e. pushing tuxedo-clad grooms out of aeroplanes with parachutes strapped to their backs), Website Word Doctor will happily provide you with a free website copywriting and SEO analysis.

A Detailed Description of SEO (Sort Of)

Maybe you've already researched the subject, inserted a few keywords and got little or no results. That's because the common descriptions (i.e. 'keywords') are only part of the picture. Quality SEO that helps a website rank high on search results pages can include various elements:



Meta Descriptions

H1 and H2 Headings





Evolving Content

And More


Each of these elements are anchored on this page to more detailed descriptions (please click on the list above or see below). Recognising the importance of SEO strategies for the 21st Century, some tech-savvy business owners will implement these strategies themselves. Others wishing to add this kind of content to their sites, but being more adept in other areas, might need a little 'web-care'. This is where a word doctor can help. Contact Website Word Doctor for a full SEO examination and let us help you figure out your website strategy.

Key Words
keywords, keyword stuffing

If you only know a little about SEO, it's probably Keywords. These are the words that your site contains that might be used by people searching the internet for your type of business. While important, the idea that more is better is untrue in this instance. Overusing Keywords (known as Keyword Stuffing) is easily recognized by the search engine algorithms and will be penalized.


Avoid the risk of search engine penalization, have Website Word Doctor review your site and let us help you decide the best way to attract more visitors.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions

The Meta Description is one of the first things someone will read about your website’s various pages when they find them on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Mete Descriptions, website description, page description

Though not SEO in the strictest sense (the search engines don't rate your site based on them), they are one of the first things people can read about your company online and you’ll need this information to relate to what they’re searching for. Therefore, using the same Keywords in your meta descriptions from the page just found is a good idea. But do note, a description of over 160 characters will be truncated (cut off). The extra words will go unread.


If creating an appealing 160 character meta description with all the right words sounds like more of a copywriting challenge than you're up for, give the Doctor a call; we can optimize all your 160 character Meta Descriptions for you.

H1 and H2 Headings

H1 and H2 Headings

Both simple and important. H1 and H2 Headings (also referred to as headers or headlines) are the short, bold-text sentences that address the individual sections of copy on the individual pages of your site. At the top of this page you saw the headings 'What is SEO?' and 'SEO Simplified'; these are H1 and H2 headings, respectively. (A web page can also have an H3, H4, H5 and so on).


Headings serve two main purposes. Firstly, presented in order of importance, headings should be written in a way that immediately gives the visitor a compelling sense of what they are about to read. Secondly, while remaining captivating, it helps your SEO when the headings contain Keywords.


Headings should be:



To the Point

Address Visitor Needs

Contain Keywords for SEO


Are your web page headings compelling or repelling?  Give us a call; we'll make them irresistible.

H1 & H2





Backlinks are an easy way to score SEO points. If another company has a website with a link directing visitors to your website, the search engines reward you for that. However, that is only if the directing website is reputable and related in some relevant way to your website. Yes, the search engines do know this (they know everything). In fact, websites with backlinks coming from meaningless 'junk sites' are now penalized for implementing faux SEO.


Need help finding creative ways to backlink your website? Start with Website Word Doctor. We offer complimentary backlinks to all our paying customers.


Something the search engines look for when deciding how your website rates on the search results pages is credibility. Credibility is established with content. Content is how you demonstrate what you know about the products or services you are selling. Therefore, in addition to what you say on your web pages, another way to show the world what you know is with a regularly posted blog. It doesn't need to be lengthy or often; just regular. But do note: It's not for 'direct' sales. If you use a blog to blatantly promote your products or services, your rating will be penalized. Instead, share your ideas, milestones and new products or services.


Blogs aren't complicated, but they do require skill and regular attention. Commit yourself to a blog without added effort; have us write your blogs for you and increase your sales and SEO status.

blog, blogs, blog writing,
photos, photography, images, pictures

From an aesthetic perspective, this just makes sense. First-time website visitors are inclined to stay longer if there are images they can relate to or reflect what they are looking for. From an SEO point of view, it makes even more sense; pictures titled with keywords increase your ratings on the search results pages.

Are you that person that cuts the tops off people's heads whenever you take a picture? Maybe you find the cost of stock photography unreasonable (it is). Don't sweat the shutter, Website Word Doctor offers numerous photography packages ranging from basic, no-fuss, on-location shoots to high-end, lifestyle, services and in-studio product imagery. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get a free photography quote.


Website visitors love videos. They're fun to watch, easier than reading and serve as valuable SEO tools in improving your search results ratings. However, like your other content (writing, photos, etc.), video needs to be relevant to the site and visitors. As cute as a kitten playing with yarn is, it'll hurt your rating if it's posted just for the sake of scoring points. 

Does the idea of exploring your inner-Spielberg make you want to call "Cut!" instead of "Action!"? Website Word Doctor offers several videography services starting as low as $200. Whether it's a simple one-shot message from the owner or an on-location corporate profile, contact us and we'll prepare a free quote for you.

video, videography, video production, script writing, corporate messaging
website updates, evolving web content
Evolving Content
Evolving Content

If you are like most people, you probably like things fresh. Search engines are like people in that regard; they rate websites with regularly updated content higher than stagnant ones. An active site tells the engines that you are a growing business that's attuned to your customer's needs. It doesn't take much to be recognized as fresh. You can improve your SEO with copywriting that mentions your new services, updated photographs of your newest product or a regular blog post.


Too busy to manage your own updates? Give Website Word Doctor a call and find out how cost-effective our updating services can be.

And More

You know your business better than anyone. The ‘And More’ part of your website is mostly up to you, though we can make suggestions:


- Community Forums

- On-Site Stores

- Whitepapers

​- Etcetera


Whatever you do, it’s important that your website offer continually changing content. Not only will it score well with the search engines, it’ll take on a personality that reflects the company. Visitors will be engaged, informed and assisted.


It’s your unlimited imagination that decides the direction your site takes and how far it will go, so let your imagination run wild. Give Website Word Doctor a call and we’ll translate those ‘And More’ ideas into written words.

And More
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