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Showing Off our Work - YOUR Advantage

If you're as pleased with your work as we are with ours, you probably like showing it off a little. Website Word Doctor can help you do that!


More than a list of work we've done, our 'Client' page provides profiles of our client's businesses and logos that backlink to their websites. What's the big deal? It may seem like a small thing, but by doing so, we show support for our customers and increase their SEO.


Search engines love sites that backlink from other sites. When your business is backlinked to someone else's, it tells the search engines that you're a trusted and reputable company that others are willing to align with.

Improve Your SEO with a Backlink and a Mini Bio

As an entrepreneur who built a company from the ground up, you know that every little advantage helps. With that in mind, Website Word Doctor invites you to contact us and take advantage of our free mini bio and backlink offer.


Just try one of our paid services. If you're pleased (and as soon as it's posted), we'll put your logo up on the 'Clients' page, backlink it to your site and include a small description of your business.

Our Clients


#109 - 17661 58A Avenue,

Surrey, BC

V3S 1N4


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